Ken and Stu Gregor From Liquid Ideas Discuss Yellowglen Sparkling Episode 5 - Wine Review Posted by Spitbucket | 8th December 2010 | 2,460 views


Ken and Stu Gregor go through some Yellowglen Sparkling including:

1 - Yellowglen Pinot Noir/Chardonnay 2008
2 - Yellowglen 'Perle Rose' Pinot Noir/ Pinot Meunier 2006
3 - Yellowglen 'Perle' Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay 2006

What did Ken think of them, watch...

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kbg | 91 Months ago

ross, apols for the delay. i have been chasing exact levels from the pr reps, who are ususally really good but being slack re this. i'll keep chasing.

@kbg Thanks Ken - no worries. Their website gives an overview, but is not "exact".
Also, it doesn't look like the Perle is exported to my neck of the woods.

Ross | 91 Months ago

Ross | 91 Months ago

Thanks Ken and Stu. I may have missed it, but can you tell us what the
dryness / sweetness levels are - especially the Perles?
(brut, extra dry, etc)

@Ross ross, apols for the delay.
the details, as advised, are -
"the Perle, Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Yellow the 'drier styles' all have around 10-15g/L pretty average for good Aussie bubbles in the 'classic style'. The Brut Cremant has 18g/L."

The Moscato styles which includes White, Bella and Bella Bianco have between 50-75g/L which again is about normal for these styles.

kbg | 91 Months ago

@Ross Thanks Ken.

Ross | 91 Months ago

Rob Ayala | 91 Months ago

Stu and Ken you have convinced me that the Yelloglen Perle Rose is the wine for Christmas Day.

Great video and I had no idea until now of the history and breadth of Yellowglen.

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