Mudgee Food and Wine Festival 2011 - Best Wine Over $20 - Epiosde 103 Posted by Spitbucket | 9th September 2011 | 700 views


In the conclusion to the Mudgee Food and Wine Festival, and after a long day of tasting wine. Dan is ready to announce the winner of the 'best wine money can buy' award.

And with the fantastic value of wine coming out of Mudgee today, you shouldn't be surprised to find that it won't...

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kbg | 74 Months ago

had a recent trip to mudgee. came away mightily impressed.

rossmckay | 74 Months ago


I bought a sixer of this on the strength of your recommendation and all I can say is wow. A great right bank blend but with mouthfilling aussie fruit. Top value for money even for a non-Mudgee aware, non-merlot focussed francophile , thanks for the review.

Elie | 82 Months ago

Great episode, I tried both wines and I reckon Burnbrae is the winner here, had lots more to offer, the Optimiste was a bit short on the finish and slightly thin.

Loved the ending, Run that flag up the poll! haha good one!



DanCoward | 82 Months ago

Hilarious that they were packing up our 'studio' around us as we were speaking!

What a great day and a great advert for Mudgee.

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