New Generation Hunter Valley - Caravan of Courage Trailer Posted by Spitbucket | 9th May 2011 | 428 views


It's time to get your surfboards waxed, sunscreen packed and wine glasses polished as the New Generation Hunter Valley winemakers are getting ready to embark on an epic two-week, east coast Australia road trip they're calling 'Not Your Usual Caravan of Courage'.

With six top Hunter...

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Skid | 86 Months ago

Had a great night. Good format with wine makers at each table and some great wines. Hunter reds are still my favourite with the earthy leathery style. I was a bit surprised by some of the higher end shiraz being almost too clean and imho losing a bit of the hunter character, or maybe i was getting pissed and lost my tongue.
It was great to meet Rob in person, El Presidente my cigar smoking hero. It was poetry in motion watching him interview with James and Elie, he weaved his magic like a cross between Antonio Banderas and Ray Martin haha.
Also met Smithy, a true gent and my Oris guru. Lucky i had the williams on and the wife had the frank sinatra, thanks for the cigar mate.
All in all a great night with interesting wines and interesting characters, looking forward to watching the spit bucket reviews.
Elie you have a tough job mate......... Nice T shirt though.

DanCoward | 86 Months ago it!

Rob Ayala | 86 Months ago

Jo...we had a brilliant night last night in Brisbane. Left Elie and James around 1:30am.

It was an early one !LOL!

@Rob Ayala oh dear. and I was worried they left here both sick with the flu and were probably bed ridden!

jo | 86 Months ago

jo | 86 Months ago

How's the road trip going? Lost anyone yet? :)

@jo I've heard some stories?

wturner | 86 Months ago

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