Wine Review: Anything but ABC Chardonnay's Comeback - Episode 26 Posted by Spitbucket | 11th March 2011 | 1,486 views


In this episode Dan and Suzette look at two wines ?? an Australian Chardonnay from Mornington Peninsula and a French Chablis.

Dan wants to educate our viewers that Chardonnay and Chablis are the same grape (apparently to many people's surprise) while at the same time he hints that...

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DanCoward | 86 Months ago

Thanks for comments Skid and Ross. A point you both make which I don't think came through strongly enough in the video is how complex these wines are. There's no denying how much the Chardonnay grape likes oak, but what makes these and other modern Chardonnays so interesting is the balance of fruit and interesting secondary characters with that oak.

Disclaimer: I should also point out that in my day job I work with Stonier so I am very familiar with the wines and the winery.

@DanCoward I enjoyed this episode very much.

Complexity is one of the things I mean when I say a "good" chardonnay. For me that's often the sense of acidity/minerality on the front, viscosity/ density
on the mid, and finally the fruit element coming through and combining on the

Now I'm thirsty.

Ross | 86 Months ago

@DanCoward Dan, I thought Suzette made it clear how much she loved the Chardonnay :) ... Also you are right may of us do beleive that chablis is not a Chardonnay, thank you for explainning to us that they are one and the same.

The Swig

Spitbucket.Swig | 86 Months ago

Ross | 86 Months ago

Thanks guys.

Though I'm much more a red drinker, I do like a good chardonnay, with my preference being away from the big and
buttery, which I guess I consider heavy handed.

As always, regardless of style, for me balance is key.

Skid | 86 Months ago

Hi dan & suzs, great review as always. dan, silk dressing gowns too much information mate. Haha. I love chablis and chardonnay is alright too. I agree that australia is now producing great chardies maybe it evolved from the big, huge buttery oak driven monsters of the eighties to a more subtle refined wine of great flavour and complexity. However i still like oaked chardonnay. Charonnay without oak is like chips without salt and sauce! Keep up the great reviews i really enjoy them. Happy slurps skid

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