Wine Review: Bordeaux Rosť Chateau De Sours - Episode 54 Posted by Spitbucket | 20th May 2011 | 1,274 views


In this episode Dan joins Martin Krajewski from Chateau De Sours to discuss Bordeaux Rosť.

These wines are now available in Australia and for those wanting to track them down we'll list the info below:

1 - Chateau De Sours Bordeaux Rosť 2010
2 - Chateau De Sours...

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Ross | 84 Months ago

not to put you on the spot, you didn't have much commentary on the still rosť and little on the sparkler - any overall impressions?

Also, I'm a little confused about the concept of early picking to maintain fruit and keep tannins in check. I kind of imagined ripeness aids in a fruit character and controlling skin contact for tannin and color?

Thanks -- Ross

@Ross Dan had no commentary full stop. He was this guest in this episode :). Intrested to hear his opinion!

Spitbucket.Swig | 84 Months ago

@Ross Hi Ross, good questions. First of all, as you noticed, Martin had plenty to say! I reckon that man has definitely been in front of a camera before! So a bit tricky to get a word in edgeways :)

I genuinely liked the two wines, with the still rose a standout. I would echo your point about picking early. Picking decisions are usually based on flavour and physiological ripeness. Picking a rose early ensures lighter, more delicate fruit flavours, lower potential alcohol and higher potential acidity. I wasn't aware of the implications for the tannins in a rose, because as you say, the grapes have minimal skin and pip contact before they are separated. That said, there is some contact to extract those flavours and some colour, so you do have to ensure the tannins are 'ripe' when you're picking I would imagine. Can anyone else shed light on this?

DanCoward | 84 Months ago

Grant Bellve | 84 Months ago

I purchased a few bottles in London recently and thoroughly enjoyed them. Congratulations Martin.

@Grant Bellve Grant,

Welcome to Spitbucket! Next week we will be launching Martin's red variety, keep an eye out for it.


Spitbucket.Swig | 83 Months ago

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