Wine Review: Bordeaux Wine from Chateau De Sours Episode 64 Posted by Spitbucket | 13th June 2011 | 1,217 views


In this episode Dan Coward joins Martin Krajewski to review his Chateau De Sours Bordeaux white (2009) and his Chatuea De Sours Bordeaux red (2008).

Our hosts discuss the wine, and how the characteristics of the unique Bordeaux region add character to the wines.


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DanCoward | 85 Months ago

My cheeky little plug for West Ham at the end now looks a bit misguided. Yes we were relegated and yes we are rubbish. And yes we have now hired (another) crook to manage us. But on the bright side, descending to the Championship will now allow us to ditch the half of the squad that are heinously overpaid underachievers...I hope. Okay rant over...back to wine...

@DanCoward As a long suffering Man City fan I know your pain :-)
You are only a chequebook away from success!

Rob Ayala | 85 Months ago

Rob Ayala | 85 Months ago

Another two to track down! Any idea where I could locate them?

@Rob Ayala Good question Rob. I remember when we were filming that the wines were very new to the country so we couldn't give confirmed stockists. Perhaps Swig can do a bit of digging for us and let everyone know?

DanCoward | 85 Months ago

@Rob Ayala Earth to Swig...?

DanCoward | 85 Months ago

@DanCoward Yes Swig here! Apologies for the delay. I have contacted the PR agency, still waiting to hear back from them.

However we know for a fact that Tyrrells are the company that owns the distribution rights.

One would presume that you will soon be seeing it in places like Dan Murphy's.

Spitbucket.Swig | 85 Months ago

@DanCoward Ok Guys,

Heard back from the Agency here is where you can buy them from:

Hunter/Newcastle region:
Carey Bay Liquor
Carrington Cellars
Whitebridge Cellars
Garden Cellars
Blueys Cellars

Sydney East/CBD region:
Kemenys - Bondi
Shortys Liquor ? CBD
Camperdown Cellars ? Bronte, Darlo, Double Bay, Kingston Rd
The Clock ? Surry Hills

Sydney North
Chambers Cellars ? Neutral Bay, Avalon
Cremorne Cellars
Northbridge Cellars
Porters Liquor ? Northwood
Jims Cellars ? Crows Nest

Acland Cellars
Cellarbrations ? Port Melb
Red, White & Amber
North Wharf Cellars


Spitbucket.Swig | 84 Months ago

@Spitbucket.Swig Great work Swig - thank you

DanCoward | 84 Months ago

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