Wine Review - Italian Pinot from Ca' Del Bosco Pinot Nero 1993 Episode 36 Posted by Spitbucket | 6th April 2011 | 578 views


In this 'Oddspot' episode, Ken and Tim try an aged Italian Pinot from a well know Italian Sparkling wine house - Ca' Del Bosco The wine reviewed is listed below:

Ca' Del Bosco Pinot Nero 1993, Italy

Have you tried any of their Sparkling? What do you think of all the...

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Rob Ayala | 85 Months ago

Great work Ken and Tim.

I have a 1992 bottle of Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir which I think needs opening. Video review Ken?

@Rob Ayala I think we should review it, Ken do you have any other aged Australian Pinot that we can showcase as well?

Elie | 85 Months ago

Ross | 85 Months ago

Great stuff guys.

I've not had this one, or any of their sparklers, but they are considered one of the top houses in Franciacorta.
Perhaps something to keep in mind, very generally speaking, I believe '93 was considered somewhat of a
middling vintage for the region. It's also my understanding that many of the pinots are not really intended
for such long term aging - but again, I've no personal experience with this particular wine.

Thanks! -- Ross

kbg | 85 Months ago

so elie, did you get a commission from everyone who did jump on a plane and race across to buy a bottle?

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