Wine Review: Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne 2001 Episode 127 Posted by Spitbucket | 5th December 2011 | 793 views


In this review we take a peek at the Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne from the 2001 vintage in Central Victoria.

Ken calls this one of the greatest bargains of the wine world, so there's no excuse not to run out and grab a bottle of this one.

Let us know your thoughts on...

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kbg | 77 Months ago

ross, you might have seen the thread on the cigar forum where he embarrassingly tried to claim, subsequent to the event and in a sad attempt to justify himself, that it might have been a smidge tainted. as i said there, the man is more desparate than a drunk penniless teenager in a brothel at closing.
finally felt so sorry for the bloke and said, well perhaps ever so slightly. but only to make him feel better. so now he jumps all over this. talk about your serpent's tooth.
and then gets smithy (his paid employee with the tarmac for tastebuds. i suppose agreeing was easier than filling out all those pesky dole forms.
we did have some fun, though.

@kbg Well, Ken, we do have to keep in mind that in a blind tasting he called pinot- for a shiraz.....

Ross | 77 Months ago

@Ross to be fair to him (it really must be christmas), we all make mistakes. there is a famous saying from one of the great old english wine writers, cyril ray i think, who was asked if he'd ever mistaken bordeaux for burgundy. the response was 'not since lunch'.

kbg | 77 Months ago

@kbg You're a giver, Ken.

Ross | 77 Months ago

@Ross you know me too well!

kbg | 77 Months ago

Ross | 77 Months ago

I think the look on Rob's face says it all.....

Thanks gents.

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