Wine Tweet Up Event For Sauvignon Blanc #LookSB Posted by Spitbucket | 10th May 2011 | 377 views


Join us for this special Twitter edition of Spitbucket where we will be tasting a few wines to explore the fascinating world of Sauvignon Blanc, and all that it has to offer. You at home can join in on all the fun by following #LookSB.

For those wanting to find the wines we review in...

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Skid | 84 Months ago

Hi Dan, great review mate. I have to admit that i'm with Ken whn it comes to sb. Maybe it goes back to the 80's when sb hit the scene, it was over the top grassy cats pee, maybe similar to a bad experience at the dentist as a kid. Todays sb is more sophisticated and complex but really its still a glass of ho humness, imo. Mind you i feel much the same about pinot gris. Dont get me wrong i undertand the need for sb in the market and the winemakers skill in producing it but it's not on my fav list. Ken want a top up mate...... Chink chink

@Skid far be it from me to suggest that most savvy is a toxic weed and that the vineyards are better off as car parks, even if that be true, but i admire your optimism re today's offerings being more sophisticated and complex. that said, there are a few that are crtainly interesting wines. some of the single vineyard and not overly worked marlborough efforts. but there is no grape where one has to go through more dross to find the few gems.

kbg | 84 Months ago

@Skid As a postscript to the event I would say that the interest, reviews and positive comments on Twitter suggest that these 3 were gems of sorts. I had the Petraea bottle in the fridge for a couple of days and it got better each night - a bottle I reckon I would go out and buy if the occasion was looking for SB.

DanCoward | 84 Months ago

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